How to Assess your Legacy ERP System

As a company grows and matures, they eventually hit the inevitable stage where they have outgrown their current technology platform. Topping the list of technology requiring replacement is the ERP systems – the backbone of any business. A well-planned and executed ERP implementation can position organizations for future success and those organizations who fail to […]
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Cybersecurity – Why Securing Your Data is So Important, Especially Now

Technological innovation over the last 15 years has connected the world, exponentially increased our efficiency, expanded organizational effectiveness, and brought us all together in ways we never imagined. Along with all these amazing advancements comes a dark side that many people often neglect until it’s too late. Keeping stride with daily technology advancements is the […]
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3 Ways to Avoid ERP Failure

They say learn from your mistakes, but equally important is the value gained in learning from the mistakes of others as well. Each year hundreds of extremely successful organizations experience subpar or failed digital transformations each providing nuggets of educational elements we should all consider when embarking on our own digital transformation journeys. Take the […]
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Back to Basics: Organizational Change Management Fundamentals

As our current business climate continues to move through a time of immense change, we have experienced a new emergence of Organizational Change Management needs from our clients. It’s very easy to get caught up in the technical details of a digital transformation, especially as an internal stakeholder, and potentially overlook the basics of preparing […]
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Top 5 Organizational Change Management Methods for Back to School 2020

How-to return to school safely during the Covid-19 global health pandemic has been a hot topic in our national conversations. Obviously, the health and safety of our teachers, students, and administration is the main priority, however, there are many opinions on how to open the doors of our education the “right” way. While there is […]
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Top 5 Change Management Metrics to Measure

As the world continues to struggle through unprecedented economic uncertainty, the pressure for organizations to justify expenses intensifies. IT budgets and funds spent on technology initiatives are scrutinized closer than they have been in recent history. Change management, as part of an overall data transformation initiative, plays a critical role in guiding organizations through the […]
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