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Choosing the right software is a journey. Because Third Stage Consulting is 100% technology agnostic, our experts can offer a unique type of consultation that isn’t influenced by kickbacks or biased partnerships with vendors.

Unlike big-box consulting agencies, we don’t sell software. We simply help clients select the best ERP, CRM, HCM, WMS, or emerging technology solutions based on our extensive experience with various technologies matched with the distinct characteristics of each client. We guide organizations across all industries to find the best fit solution for their unique, operational needs.
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The Selection Process, Simplified

Our proprietary database allows us to analyze vendors that meet our clients’ business requirements to streamline the selection process. We also provide the following services to make each client’s selection experience as pain-free as possible.

Evaluation & Requirements

Business & Functionality
We help clients nail down their must-haves and deal-breaker requirements to narrow the pool.
Realistic Goals
We’ll conduct implementation planning to develop a realistic budget and rollout plan.
Best-Fit Solutions
Our experts identify the best technologies to support our clients’ people, processes, and culture.

What We’ll Handle

Negotiations with Vendors
We speak the language and can see through sparkly sales pitches to understand a vendor’s offerings and capabilities.
Software Workshops
We join our clients during software demos to evaluate whether the solutions meet their requirements.
Guiding the Transition
Consider us a resource, from the first brainstorm session to a successful go live and beyond.

Software Selection Case Study

A brief walkthrough of a software selection journey for one of our recent clients.

Our team assisted a unique company that specializes in engineer-to-order construction design and manages contracted manufacturers to create and produce products for their customers.
  • An architect working on a draft with a pencil and ruler
    Due to the fact that ERP solutions typically hang their verticals in distinct categories such as manufacturing or distribution, this hybrid organization kept running into challenges as they worked to find a software that would fit their distinct needs.
  • man in white dress shirt standing beside woman in black shirt
    Solution & Method
    They hired Third Stage Consulting as their second ERP consultant to help find the right fit. Our consultants facilitated workshops and took the time to break down their requirements to grasp a full, end-to-end picture of their organization.
  • man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitor
    Our thorough due diligence led us to a clear understanding of this organization's workflows and processes, and we were able to recommend a perfect fit software that has become a turn-key solution across their operation.

Explore More Services

Whether our clients need guidance mapping out processes or managing change, Third Stage is here to help. Learn what else we can do to support our clients.
Organizational Change Management
A lack of proper organizational change management is the leading cause of digital transformation failure. Our experts not only implement technology but ensure user adoption and human behavior optimization.
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Business & Technology Advisory
New technology can be confusing and difficult to navigate, and it’s useless if it doesn’t improve business processes. We provide comprehensive project support from both the technical and business side.
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Expert Witness
Our team of consultants has enough industry experience to know when an implementation was not appropriately handled. This expert knowledge, coupled with our unbiased perspective, makes our resources a unique asset to any software-based lawsuit.
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