ERP Digital Stratosphere Conference

The only technology-agnostic event of its kind, featuring Fleetwood Mac.

December 3 -5, 2018

Third Stage Consulting Group

Helping Clients Reach the Third Stage of ERP Software and Digital Transformation
Third Stage Consulting Group consists of the industry’s leading experts, hand-selected by Eric Kimberling throughout his 20-year career. We are here to help you launch your initiative to the Third Stage.

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ERP implementation – big bang or phased?

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Top 10 ERP and Digital Transformation Predictions for 2019

This has been an amazing year so far. Technology has continued to evolve while many organizations begin their digital transformation...

When Should Business Process Management Occur During Digital Transformation?

Digital transformations have the ability to revolutionize the way we do business. However, new technology is worthless without a...

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