Digital Stratosphere Conference

The only technology-agnostic event of its kind, With Queen + Adam Lambert.

August 7-9, 2019

Third Stage Consulting Group

Helping Clients Reach the Third Stage of ERP Software and Digital Transformation
Third Stage Consulting Group consists of the industry’s leading experts, hand-selected by Eric Kimberling throughout his 20-year career. We are here to help you launch your initiative to the Third Stage.

Recent Blog Posts

Have You Ever Been “Accentured”?

Very different than being “delighted,” this term has become increasingly popular among boutique consulting firms and independents. More importantly, it is a term we have heard clients use to refer to their experiences with the large SAP, Oracle, and ERP...

How to Define Your Global Digital Transformation Strategy

Every organization has a lot of decisions to make regarding its digital strategy. But, companies with international operations have an entirely different set of decisions to make and challenges to address. This can make it difficult to define your global...

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