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February 8th-10th, 2023
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Our 2022 Stratosphere Conference was a smashing success!

Digital Stratosphere is the premier independent educational and peer networking event for organizations about to embark on a digital transformation or ERP / CRM/ HCM implementation. Leverage the opportunity to garner insights from leading industry experts and jumpstart your digital transformation initiatives.

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Why should I attend this event?
This event provides real-world lessons learned, battle scars, and best practices that will equip your project team for success. Intended for CIOs, CFOs, Chief Digital Officers, VPs of HR, IT Directors, and ERP Project teams for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations, this event features the content and conversation most relevant to successful digital transformation initiatives.
What will be covered in this conference?
> Leverage 2022 industry trends
> Develop proven strategies for your transformation
> Break through transformation roadblocks or resistance
> Transform your supply chain to navigate today's environment
> Discover top software systems for your industry and business needs
> Maximize new technology and opportunity throughout uncertainty
> Optimize human capital and change management strategies as keys to success
> Leverage emerging technology to optimize your operations
> Much more!
What are the benefits?
> Learn from the battle scars of experts that manage digital transformations for a living
> Gain the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage your digital transformation
> Network with other peers and organizations that are also in the midst of their digital transformations
> Learn from specific case studies and examples of real-life digital transformations
What's the secret to digital transformations?
Organizations don’t manage digital transformations for a living every day. These projects are large undertakings and require the right skills, toolsets and experience to succeed. What we cover in just a few short days is just the blip.

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