We're always working to keep our clients and partners fresh on industry trends. These podcasts each unique in their own endeavor help us discuss strengths and weaknesses through open conversation.
Digital Transformation podcast
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Independent and technology-agnostic best practices to make your digital transformation or ERP software implementation successful. Interviews with the industry's leading experts on topics ranging from digital strategy, software selection, implementation project management, and organizational change management. Hosted by Eric Kimberling and Sarah Dokowicz, and sponsored by Third Stage Consulting, the world's leading independent digital transformation consultants.
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Eric Kimberling and Kyler Cheatham discuss all things business, technology, strategy, and transformation in the new world we are living in. This show will equip leaders with the current trends and business news that will keep them ahead of the curve.

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With 20+ years of global, independent consulting under our belt, we’ve achieved countless business transformations within our client community. We’ve put together these resources to offer our best practices and lessons learned.

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