Organizational Change Management

Our experience shows that people issues are what make or break an ERP implementation or digital transformation. Resistance to change, confusion, unclear roles and responsibilities, and a host of other people issues create landmines that need to be carefully navigated.

Fortunately, we’re very good at organizational change management, with dozens of seasoned organizational change experts at your disposal to help overcome resistance to change, optimize benefits realization, and ensure a smooth transition to your new enterprise technology. Our CEO and founder (Eric Kimberling) began his career as an organizational change management consultant for large ERP software initiatives, so this is an area that is near and dear to his heart.

Complex organizations and large-scale transformations are our sweet spot. We excel at the following types of organizational change initiatives within ERP and CRM implementations:

Global transformations

Multiple business units


Centralization or decentralization efforts


Redesign of organizational roles and responsibilities

Transformations involving a high degree of change impact to employees


Major changes to business processes

Deployment of disruptive or improved business models

Organizations desiring to mitigate risk and operational disruption

Contact us to learn more about how our organizational change management services can help optimize your ERP implementation or digital transformation.

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