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Our clients are forward thinkers who are well on their way to being leaders in their industry. They recognize the value of technology and use it to propel their business goals forward. When they decided to undertake a business transformation, they relied on Third Stage for guidance and success.
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Construction & Engineering
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Aerospace & Defense
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Oil/Gas & Utilities
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Financial & Professional Services
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We Are Industry Agnostic
From aerospace and defense to manufacturing and health care, we’ve completed hundreds of ERP projects for businesses large and small. If an industry requires an ERP consultation, we are here to help.
We Are Technology Agnostic
Our loyalty remains with our clients. We don’t engage in backroom deals or have an allegiance to specific vendors. Instead, we learn our clients’ business objectives and match them with the best software to support their goals.
We Are Geography-Agnostic
Our expertise knows no borders. We have clients and consultants stationed all over the world and offices in the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

What Our Clients Have in Common

In our 20+ years in the ERP software and digital transformation industry, we’ve worked with clients with diverse budgets, industry-specific needs, and locations across the globe.

The one thing they all have in common? They don’t cut corners or settle for less.
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