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Data Architecture and Integration

The quality and management of data should never be an afterthought. Our seasoned master data management experts help clients assess their current data architecture and prepare it for a seamless integration with new technologies and processes.
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Respect the Data

Data that isn’t clean, actionable, and reportable is completely irrelevant. Strong data is also a stepping stone to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more. We help set our clients up for a smooth data architecture transition using the following tactics.
Two analysits utilizing data architecture systems for their organization.

Create a Systems Diagram

Systems Audit
We help clients inventory current technologies and visualize how they tie together.
Business Intelligence
Together with our clients, we define the analytics and reporting capabilities needed.
Data Flow & Storage
We help organizations decide where their data will reside and how it will flow between different systems.

Data Preparation

Data Cleansing
We help ensure the data points migrating to the new system are clean and accurate.
Data Management
Our consultants help develop a master data management process to avoid corruption.
Data Security
We’ll outline a plan to protect data even as a company advances.

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Guiding data architecture and integration is just one of the ways our experts can advise organizations in their digital transformation. Here are a few other ways we support our clients.
Organizational Change Management
A lack of proper organizational change management is the leading cause of digital transformation failure. Our experts not only implement technology but ensure user adoption and human behavior optimization.
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Digital Transformation
Digital transformations that don’t focus on an organization’s people, processes, and technology – in that order – are unlikely to succeed. We advise clients on how to keep their business strategies at the center of their implementations and technology initiatives.
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Expert Witness
Our team of consultants has enough industry experience to know when an implementation was not appropriately handled. This expert knowledge, coupled with our unbiased perspective, makes our resources a unique asset to any software-based lawsuit.
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