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Technology and software implementation includes three stages. Unfortunately, 80% of companies don’t make it past stage two.

Third Stage offers clients comprehensive implementation support from a project’s conception to completion to help them reach the Third Stage of success. We provide access to top-tier technology, industry professionals, and best practices to guide clients throughout their journey.
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There are certain nuances between strategies that lead to success vs. failure. With hundreds of implementations under our belt, our consultants know what it takes to succeed.

The Three Stages

Software & Partner Selection
Choosing the right technology and support sets the stage for a successful implementation.
Core Software Functionality
The foundation is complete, but there is still room to go to reach full scope.
Continuous Improvement
The technology has been adopted into daily processes, and the focus has shifted to further improvements.

Keys to Success

A Clear Vision
We work with clients to define their problems and how they want technology to solve them.
Process Alignment
We’ll make sure all parties are on the same page about what to keep, create, and automate.
Big-Picture Focus
Our experts are always thinking multiple steps ahead to mitigate problems before they arise.

Software Implementation Case Study

A brief walk through of a software/technology implementation journey for one of our recent clients.
  • group of people sitting beside rectangular wooden table with laptops
    An international manufacturing company was experiencing silos as a result of the various mergers and acquisitions they had evolved through. There was disconnect amongst their international offices, and they were experiencing bottlenecks in communication and information sharing that inhibited collaboration across the organization.
  • man in white dress shirt standing beside woman in black shirt
    Solution & Method
    They hired Third Stage Consulting to help them optimize their digital strategy and ultimately implement a new ERP system that would solve their problems. Our consultants performed a thorough organizational assessment to evaluate their processes, company culture, and their current technological landscape.
  • man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitor
    After garnering a holistic understanding of their needs, we created a timeline and a roadmap to help them through a digital transformation that would fill the gaps across their organization. We went beyond a simple software recommendation and advised the removal of unnecessary systems, helped them integrate remaining systems, and provided proven organizational change management tactics to help their employees across the world adopt the new software with ease.

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No matter where an organization is in its digital transformation journey, our expert consultants can help. Learn about our other service offerings.
Organizational Change Management
A lack of proper organizational change management is the leading cause of digital transformation failure. Our experts not only implement technology but ensure user adoption and human behavior optimization.
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Business & Technology Advisory
New technology can be confusing and difficult to navigate, and it’s useless if it doesn’t improve business processes. We provide comprehensive project support from both the technical and business side.
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Expert Witness
Our team of consultants has enough industry experience to know when an implementation was not appropriately handled. This expert knowledge, coupled with our unbiased perspective, makes our resources a unique asset to any software-based lawsuit.
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