2023 Digital Transformation Report

July 15, 2022
In this report, we share insights gained from our annual research on technology trends and digital transformation. We explore the top 2023 ERP systems and industry developments that will help you prepare for success, as well transformation leadership strategies and global supply chain management tactics for success.

Thought Leadership

Mastering Software Demos: Best Practices for Effective Software Evaluation and Selection
Software vendors are a critical aspect of the digital transformation evaluation process. However, many organizations lack knowledge on how to effectively facilitate the entire demo process and maximize its value. In this discussion, I will outline the key points you should be aware of as you embark on your software demo process.
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From Hype to Disappointment: The Root Causes of Technology Failures in Digital Transformations
Technology is not typically the primary reason why digital transformations fail. However, it can be a contributing factor to their failure. It is essential to understand why technology fails and how it can lead to the failure of your digital transformation. This is the topic I aim to discuss today.
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10大ERP系统 —— 顶级软件供应商
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Learning from the Mistakes That Cost CIOs and IT Leaders Their Jobs [Career Advice]
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One of the key individuals we work with at our client organizations is the CIO, who may also be referred to as the IT Director, Vice President of IT, or Chief Technology Officer. In this discussion, I will primarily use the term CIO to represent the leader of the IT group or one of the core leaders within it. Today, I will address the common reasons why IT leaders often face termination, the mistakes they make, and the pitfalls they encounter during their transformation efforts or day-to-day responsibilities. Throughout this video, you will notice a recurring theme: ignorance can lead to failure. Many times, CIOs are unaware of certain aspects or have blind spots that contribute to their downfall and eventual termination. Therefore, the focus today is on identifying strategies to avoid these risks and pitfalls as a CIO.
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