2024 Digital Transformation Report

October 25, 2023
our Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Digital Landscape of 2024 What's Inside? 🔍 In-depth analysis of the top 10 ERP systems dominating the digital world. 💡 Expert insights on the key trends shaping the future of digital transformation. 📊 Comprehensive data on implementation success and failure rates of leading vendors. 💼 Tailored recommendations to enhance the success of your digital transformation journey.
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Sumsuzzaman Chowdhury


Thought Leadership

Lessons from ERP Lawsuits: Insights for Successful Implementation From an Expert Witness
As the CEO of Third Stage Consulting, I've witnessed numerous ERP lawsuits over the years as an expert witness. These legal battles are often a goldmine of insights and lessons for organizations embarking on their own ERP journey. In this blog, I'll share the top five lessons learned from over 50 ERP lawsuits, aiming to help you avoid common pitfalls and steer your project toward success. Before diving into the actionable steps for successful digital transformation, it's crucial to understand the stakes involved. What really happens when digital transformation initiatives fail? Acknowledging and preparing for these risks is the first step toward ensuring the success of your ERP project.
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Effectively Addressing the Challenges of ERP Implementations and Digital Transformations
In my experience leading Third Stage Consulting, I've seen firsthand how digital transformation and ERP implementation projects can easily stray from their intended path, facing myriad challenges. In this blog post, I'm excited to share with you the insights I've gained and the strategies I've developed for correcting projects that are off track or facing significant setbacks.
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How To Effectively Navigate the Go-Live Phase of Digital Transformation
"Go-live" is a term commonly used in the context of information technology, particularly during the implementation of new software systems, digital transformations, or large-scale IT projects. It refers to the moment when a system or solution becomes officially operational and available for its intended users or business operations. Here's a breakdown of what go-live typically involves:
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When to Ask for Help: Navigating the Complexities of Project Restoration in Digital Transformation
Picture this: you're on a digital transformation journey, a bit like embarking on a grand adventure to scale the dizzying heights of Mount Efficiency. You've got your backpack filled with all the latest tech gadgets and a map in hand, charting the course to the peak of Productivity Paradise. But, whoops! Somewhere along the way, you realize you've been following the map upside down. Uh-oh, time for a "redo"! This "redo" phase is like accidentally taking a detour on your hike and ending up at the base of the wrong mountain. Suddenly, you're facing the daunting task of retracing your steps, all while watching your supplies (re: budget) dwindle. It's like being in one of those video games where you lose a life and have to start the level all over again, except in this game, the 'lives' are your dollars, and boy, do they fly away quickly during a do-over!
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