Cybersecurity – Why Securing Your Data is So Important, Especially Now

Written By: Nathan Stroeher
Date: December 10, 2020

Technological innovation over the last 15 years has connected the world, exponentially increased our efficiency, expanded organizational effectiveness, and brought us all together in ways we never imagined. Along with all these amazing advancements comes a dark side that many people often neglect until it’s too late.

Keeping stride with daily technology advancements is the pace of criminal activity and the various ways to access package, and sell corporate data. What was once only a piece of the overall technology implementation, security has risen to the forefront of all activities.

Globalization along with the sudden unexpected shift to a remote workforce has introduced unprecedented challenges for corporate IT organizations. The majority of the workforce is now working from home and forced to rely on their own networks to gain access to corporate data. The increase in the use of tools such as Cisco notes and the various VPN platforms has helped to provide access and an extra layer of protection for individuals and corporations.

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Additionally, the use of personal computers and other communication devices introduce another layer of risk limited by the security protections that individual has installed on those devices. The inability to manage individual platforms has left corporate platforms exposed through obsolete protective software, utilizing outdated versions of protective software, and exposure from employee personal transactions.

Shifting to Cloud ERP, CRM, HCM, and other platforms has introduced a new level of complexity and a need for increased focus on cybersecurity for IT organizations. While Cloud technology has introduced major advancements in security, the security landscape has changed and added new challenges for IT to address. As Cloud ERP software vendors from Oracle to Odoo, migrate toward the cloud, it’s important to recognize and address the new risks that are inherent with implementing a cloud-based ERP rather than an on-premise counterpart.

As companies continue to implement cloud-based ERP solutions as part of their overall digital transformation, it’s important to clearly define and understand who owns and is ultimately responsible for data. Corporations must realize that the security responsibility falls on them and it is their responsibility to protect their data from internal and external cyber threats.

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Failing to properly address the ever-changing and increasing security risks exposed corporations to outside threats. As a starting point, corporations should follow the following steps below to kick-start their cybersecurity efforts.

Assess, Clean, and Protect


Take a deep dive into identifying where you are in addressing your cybersecurity needs. Do you have the proper protection in place, have you properly assessed all risks, and how effective is your security in addressing vulnerability?


As corporations experience a slowdown in the global economy, it’s a great time to begin cleansing data. Identifying idle data points, removing unnecessary data, and outlining a plan for cleansing data in the future will not only improve your processes and accuracy in reporting, but you will stage your company for success as you move into the data transformation engagements in the future.


Different cybersecurity strategies should be considered depending on the type of data you hold, the size of your organization, and the exposure to outside threats. Organizations who complete a comprehensive due diligence engagement will position themselves to better address threats to important customer and financial data.

Educate your employees

They say knowledge is power, and it is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity. Organizations who take the time to train employees, increase awareness, and emphasize cybersecurity will stand a better chance of addressing threats when they arise.

If you have questions or would like to brainstorm on how you can best protect your company from cybersecurity threats, please feel free to contact me directly. I’m happy to be an informal sounding board.

Stroeher, Nate
Nathan Stroeher

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