A Robot's Role in Warehouse Management

Written By: Paresa Noble
Date: April 14, 2022

As supply chain and manufacturing operations shift, new needs are becoming more and more apparent. Warehouse management systems are recognizing those needs and are either integrating or adding robotics bolt-on solutions to their warehouse management software. Manufacturers and distribution companies alike have the ability to adopt new technologies such as robotics process automation to drive efficiencies in their processes that weren't available within the past decade.

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How can you leverage Robotics Process Automation in your Warehouse Management System?
Warehouse layout optimization:

Warehouse layout optimization involves using algorithms and data analytics to optimize the layout of products within the warehouse. This can help to improve efficiency by reducing travel time and distances between products, and it’s likely more beneficial the larger the warehouse.

Warehouse slotting:

Warehouse slotting is the process of assigning locations for specific items within the warehouse. This helps to ensure that items are easy to find and retrieve when needed.

Warehouse order picking:

Warehouse order picking is the process of selecting products from their assigned locations in the warehouse. This can be done using robotics process automation to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Task assignment and sequencing:

Task assignment and sequencing involve assigning tasks to employees and then sequencing the tasks so that they can be completed in an efficient manner. This can help to improve productivity by ensuring that tasks are completed in a timely fashion.

Stock and retrieval processes:

Stock put away and retrieval processes involve putting products into storage locations and then retrieving them when needed. This can be done using robotics process automation to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Picking, packing, shipping processes:

Picking, packing, and shipping processes involve picking products from their assigned locations, packing them into boxes, and then shipping them out to customers. This can be done using robotics process automation to improve accuracy and efficiency.

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Whether you are simply exploring top warehouse management software, seeking out the above, advanced capabilities, or are working to optimize specific elements of your operations such as inventory tracking or third-party logistics, understanding the different capabilities of warehouse software on the market can deliver you to your best fit WMS software selection.

Now is the time to explore the possibilities. Implementing these emerging technologies can help to improve your bottom line and give you a competitive edge. Even so, there are still great benefits that come with WMS systems without RPA as well. Whichever route you decide to go, there are ample efficiencies that come with integrating supply chain management or warehouse management solutions into your operations. It can help to drive efficiencies and accuracy in your operation while also freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks.

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