5 Ways to Improve Your Organization's Digital Infrastructure Today

In order for businesses to stay competitive in today's digital age, it is essential that they have a strong digital infrastructure. These 5 steps show you where to start.
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The Secret to Business Process Improvements (French Translation)

L’amélioration des processus peut se traduire par la réduction des coûts, voire même l’augmentation de la production. C’est également une étape clef pour une transformation digitale réussie car elle aide à définir quelle solution logicielle serait la plus appropriée selon vos besoins les plus urgents en termes d’organisation. Mais comment déterminer sur quel processus se […]
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The Secret to Business Process Improvements

Business Process Improvements can result in cutting costs and even increasing production. But, how do you know which processes to focus on? Here's a roadmap. 
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Selecting Software That Offers You the Most Freedom

If you're looking for a system that offers you the most freedom to move and evolve whenever you need to, it's important to consider the following factors through your software selection process.
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How McDonald's is Embracing Digital Transformation and the Metaverse

McDonald's is venturing into the Metaverse. Their ongoing pursuit toward digital transformation has made them a fast-food chain leader.
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Top 3 Trends in Digital Transformation

To help you best formulate a winning digital transformation strategy, leverage the following trends to enable your growth as society walks into Industry 4.0 and the era of connectivity.
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Digital Transformation vs. ERP Implementation: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between an ERP implementation and a digital transformation? Let's break it down.
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10 Tips for Building a Strong Organizational Change Management Plan

These tips and tactics will help you build a strong organizational change management plan for your next digital transformation or business initiative.
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The Impact of Organizational Change Management on Digital Transformation

It's no secret that organizational change management (OCM) is a critical component of any digital transformation initiative. In fact, many experts believe that OCM is the key to success when it comes to successfully transitioning to a more efficient digital business model. But what exactly is the impact of OCM on digital transformation?
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Big Data and Automation: How They Work Together in Digital Transformation

No longer do companies have to rely on manual processes. Thanks to digital transformation, big data and automation, now work together to streamline processes and optimize efficiencies.
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The Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century 

The human race has evolved dramatically within the past 300 years, and we are now on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution that will catapult us forward.  
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How to Manage Change Through Artificial Intelligence Integrations 

The fear of AI is what will hold some people back from evolving with the times, and that hesitation is only going to be self-defeating. The truth is that there is so much opportunity on the horizon when it comes to artificial intelligence. The key, as an employer and a leader in adopting these technologies, is to manage change effectively and work to garner the buy-in of the nay-sayers in order to see success. Here are the change management tactics to leverage when implementing AI.   
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As a seasoned digital transformation, legal, and finance copywriter, Paresa has enabled businesses large and small to share their ideas and develop as thought leaders within their respective industries. Paresa's entrepreneurial agency experience has given her insights into the nuances of business development and the efficiencies that artificial intelligence and emerging technologies bring to the table.

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