Traditional change management strategies for ERP and HCM implementations fail more than often than not. Ineffective change strategies too often focus on training, communications, and activities that don’t enable real change. Worse yet, many organizations don’t have an organizational change strategy at all or don’t see the value of this critical activity.

This led to a recent article about how organizational change management is dead. To be clear, change management is important – extremely important – but the way we have been doing it over the years is highly ineffective. This has contributed to a myriad of ERP failures over the years.

To fix this problem, we need to take a different approach to change management. It needs to be more embedded in the way we manage an overall transformation or ERP implementation. This video describes the ways that you should be building change management into the DNA of your organization and create a change strategy that best fits your organization.

I am curious to hear your thoughts and experience with change management. Please contact me if you are looking for ways to improve change management and overall results with our digital transformation, ERP or HCM implementation. I am happy to be a sounding board for you as you continue your journey!

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