Warum werden SAP S/4HANA-Einführungsprojekte häufig eingestellt? [Die SAP-ERP-Fehlerepidemie]

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Steps to an Effective (and Efficient) ERP Software Selection and Procurement Process

One of the primary services we offer our clients is assisting them in purchasing new ERP software. We aid them in evaluating potential choices, defining both a long list and a short list, navigating the RFP process, and ultimately selecting and acquiring the ERP software that best facilitates their digital transformation. However, many organizations are unsure of where to begin. They often find themselves stuck in analysis paralysis, selecting inappropriate software or spending excessive time only to choose unsuitable software. This article aims to provide a structured roadmap for evaluating and selecting the most appropriate software for your organization. 
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Most Important Digital Transformation Activities [Digital Strategy and Implementation Framework]

Many individuals are keen on digital transformation, with a significant number eager to expand their knowledge on the topic and manage a successful transformation. However, the major components of an effective transformation are often not well-understood. In this discussion, I aim to elucidate these critical work streams that are essential for a successful transformation.
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How to Define a Future State Operating Model in Digital Transformations and ERP Implementations

When embarking on a digital transformation, establishing an operating model for a future state vision of your organization is vital. This foundational blueprint is analogous to constructing a house. Just as one would not initiate building a house without a comprehensive architectural blueprint, organizations should not start digital transformations without a clear vision. Regrettably, many organizations impulsively begin implementations, erroneously hoping that technology alone will guide their evolution. Instead, the most successful organizations delineate a clear vision and operating model. This model offers direction during the implementation, ensuring adherence to the intended path and realization of the anticipated business value from the digital transformation.
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Best Business Software and Enterprise Tech Alternatives to the Big Vendors

Organizations, when carving out a digital strategy for business automation or enhancement, often gravitate towards renowned systems like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Workday, and NetSuite. However, many overlook the lesser-known yet innovative systems available. Although my organization and I have no affiliations with these technologies, they are noteworthy and might be vital for your digital strategy. For a comprehensive understanding of various market technologies, consider reviewing our annual Digital Transformation Report, accessible via the provided QR code or the links in the description.
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Why Are SAP S/4HANA Implementation Projects Canceled Often

我们的许多客户都选择了 S/4HANA 实施方案,其中一些客户在过去已经成功部署了 S/4HANA。 此外,我们的专长并不限于此;我们还协助众多客户与其他软件厂商合作,指导他们完成数字化 转型。我们观察到一个反复出现的趋势,尤其是在实施 S/4HANA 的过程中,越来越多的企业遇 到了困难。有些失败了、被推迟或被取消了。当我们评估我们的客户群和我们协助部署的一系列 技术时,S/4HANA 的实施问题最为t突出。与 Oracle、Microsoft D365、NetSuite、Workday、 Epicor 和其他技术相比,S/4HANA 在我们的客户中出现问题的频率最高。事实上,与其他任何 技术部署相比,我们目睹了更多S/4HANA 实施被取消的案例。 本次探讨的目的是深入钻研S/4HANA项目失败或被取消背后的原因。更关键的是,我们希望着 重介绍可以采用的策略来避免许多企业目前所面临的陷阱。
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Beginning a Career as a Business and Technology Consultant [Big 4 Consultants and Others]

When I began my career as a consultant 25 years ago, I encountered challenges in establishing myself in the field. Over time, I have come to view consulting as a profoundly rewarding career path. I am passionate about the consulting field and cannot envision myself in any other profession. Today, I aim to discuss how individuals, especially those with limited experience or those new to consulting, can transition and establish themselves in the world of consulting.
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How To Simplify Digital Transformations and ERP Software Implementations

When delving into the world of digital transformation, the intricate details and complexity can be daunting. The myriad of technical terms, diverse technologies, and numerous considerations can be overwhelming. Amidst this complexity, it is vital not to lose sight of the fundamental principles of digital transformation. Our objective today is to distill the essence of digital transformation into a comprehensible format, enabling you to manage your projects more effectively.
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Digital Transformation Strategies for Finance and Accounting Teams

A significant portion of our clientele consists of the Finance and Accounting groups. In many projects, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and their direct reports within these groups play pivotal roles. However, the needs and focus points of the Finance and Accounting departments during digital transformations can be distinct from those of other departments within organizations. In this context, I aim to elucidate the aspects finance and accounting professionals should consider during a digital transformation. This discussion is pertinent not only to those in the finance and accounting sector but also to professionals from other departments or those part of a digital transformation project team. The objective is to offer insights into addressing the specific needs of Finance and Accounting stakeholders within an organization
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Top 10 ERP systems for 2024

When selecting the optimal ERP software for your organization, it is beneficial to consider the top 10 systems available in the marketplace. In this discussion, I will address the top 10 systems for 2024 and beyond.
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My Motivational Speech for Digital Transformation and ERP Implementation Teams

As digital transformation consultants at Third Stage, one of our primary responsibilities is to inspire both project team members and organizational leaders to achieve success. It's akin to playing a role similar to that of Tony Robbins by offering the necessary motivational speech and pep talk that organizations require. While I may not possess the stature or energy of Tony Robbins, I am committed to energizing you and your team to ensure success in your projects. For those unfamiliar with Tony Robbins, think of other motivational figures like Oprah Winfrey or Deepak Chopra. Remember, this is a broad motivational discourse aimed at enhancing your success in your transformation journey.
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Fin de la Vida Útil de Microsoft Great Plains en 2025 – Todo lo Que Necesita Saber

En muchos sentidos, un sistema ERP actúa como una entidad viva dentro de una organización. Estos sistemas requieren un cierto nivel de atención para funcionar con éxito, incluso después de que se complete la implementación. Si bien muchos consideran que el software ERP es una inversión que vale la pena, de ninguna manera es una solución inmortal. En algún momento, los sistemas obsoletos se vuelven complicados de mantener y deben reemplazarse, lo que fuerza a los proveedores ERP a elegir entre continuar brindando soporte a los productos heredados o establecer un plan de "fin de vida útil" con la esperanza de que los clientes hagan la transición a la última versión. Cuando llega el momento, muchas empresas están listas para pasar al siguiente capítulo. Para otros, la transición puede sentirse como un desalojo sorpresa. Recientemente, Microsoft anunció que suspenderá el soporte de Dynamics Great Plains para 2025. El sistema Great Plains en sí mismo se considera un gigante en la industria y ha brindado una solución de contabilidad y ERP confiable durante décadas. Esta noticia dejó a muchas pequeñas y medianas empresas sintiéndose inseguras. En un esfuerzo por ayudar a las organizaciones a digerir este último anuncio de Microsoft, profundicemos en la historia de GP, lo que significa este anuncio de fin de vida útil para Microsoft, y cómo los clientes actuales de GP pueden navegar su futuro en ERP.
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