The Best Strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Software

If you're evaluating potential ERP systems in the marketplace, Microsoft D365 might be one that you consider. There's a lot of things to like about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and that's what we want to talk about here today. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most common ERP systems in the marketplace, we actually ranked […]
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How to Prepare for an ERP Implementation Go-Live [Digital Transformation Readiness]

Go live is one of the most important milestones in any digital transformation but how do you know if you're ready and well prepared for your go live? That's what we want to talk about here today. Go live is one of the most important milestones in your project plan but a lot of times […]
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Do We Need to Change Right Now? Here Is a Case for Digital Transformation.

There are a number of external pressures that are causing organizations to rush into digital transformations but NOW is not always the right time to go through a digital transformation. What we want to do today is talk about whether or not you really need to go through a transformation right now. We find that […]
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Who Is Responsible for Digital Transformation Success? [CIO, CFO, COO, and Project Manager Roles]

Accountability is one of the biggest questions that organizations have when preparing for an upcoming transformation. Who is ultimately accountable for the success of our digital transformation? That's exactly what we want to talk about here today.
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How to Conduct an Information Technology Assessment [Step #1 to an Effective IT Strategy]

When embarking on a digital transformation journey, one of the first steps you need to do is assess where your company or business is at today and where you are today has to include your information technology and your information technology capabilities within the organization. But how exactly do you conduct an I.T assessment as part of your digital transformation? That's what we want to talk about in this article.
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5 Mind-Boggling Technology Predictions for 2030 and Beyond

What we want to do today is not just talk about next year, in fact, we are not even going to talk about the next few years, we are going to talk a decade out or decades out from now, in terms of how technology today is going to affect the world and how it's going to affect the technology industry in the future.
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How to Select the Best System Integrator for Your Digital Transformation

Many would argue that finding the best system integrator is even more important than finding the best or the right technology for your transformation. There are many options available, depending on what technology or technologies you're deploying, so it can be overwhelming to find the right systems integrator that matches your strategy, your culture and your goals and objectives. What we want to do today is discuss things to consider and the ways to evaluate and vet the best system integrator for your digital transformation. This is true whether you're implementing ERP software, Human Capital Management, CRM business intelligence, Supply Chain Management or any sort of enterprise-wide technology. These tips and tricks will help you find the best system integrator for your digital transformation.
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A Step by Step Guide To Digital Transformation

There are a number of key steps and sequences of activities that need to happen in a successful Digital Transformation but what exactly are the steps that you should take? That's what we want to talk about in this article.
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What Is Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management is one of the most important functions required to drive profitability and service for those organizations but what exactly is Enterprise Asset Management? 
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Software Training And User Adoption Strategies

It's widely understood that software training and user adoption are critical factors to any digital transformation, however, most organizations don't do these functions very well. Why is that and what is it you can do to ensure that you handle software training and user adoption? That's what we want to talk about here today.
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Crucial Digital Transformation Decisions In An Effective Digital Strategy

When going through a digital transformation, there's many different, highly important decisions that need to be made. This may not sound like rocket science on the surface but so many organizations don't understand what those decisions are and worse yet they either don't make the proper decisions or they delay those decisions to the point where it delays the project. What we want to do today is talk about some of those key decisions. 
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The First (and Most Important) Step to Digital Transformation Success

There's an underlying reason why so many projects fail. Most projects fail in the very early weeks and months of a transformation. The very first step that you should be taking in a digital transformation is the most important for success but most project teams overlook this first step and that's what i want to unpack here today.
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