Top 3 Overrated vs. Underrated Digital Transformation Technologies

When evaluating potential technologies in a digital transformation, it is easy to see how overrated they can be. Some are not good fits for a specific organization, which may cause those underrated technologies to be overlooked. In my findings, I have identified three technologies that are overrated and the three technologies that are underrated when […]
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Introduction to Project Management and Project Manager Roles

Project management is one of, if not the most, critical aspects of leading a successful change or transformation within an organization. With that said, it’s important to understand what project management means and its influence on project success? Project management is a central aspect of any successful digital transformation or change initiative. Whether that is […]
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How Human Flaws Lead to Digital Transformation Failure

There are many reasons why digital transformations fail. However, the most common root cause may come as a surprise. Often when projects fail, aspects like poor project management, customization of technology, and lack of resources come into focus. Unfortunately, many organizations do not understand that the core issue of these failures is human behavior. Over- […]
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What is Warehouse Management?

Warehouse management is one of the most critical components of a supply chain. There are plenty of technologies that can help automate the warehouses within any organization, but the big question is how a warehouse management system can potentially automate the entire process. Inventory Management The most fundamental aspect of understanding warehouse management is the […]
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Top 10 Supply Chain Buzzword Terms and Definitions (Italian Translation)

La gestione della catena di approvvigionamento è diventata recentemente una parola d'ordine mainstream tra celebrità, leader mondiali e una varietà di influencer dei media digitali o leader di pensiero. Tutti che fanno riferimento alla nostra attuale crisi globale della catena di approvvigionamento. Anche se praticamente ogni singolo consumatore ha sperimentato in qualche modo delle interruzioni […]
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Why is Organizational Change Management So Important (Spanish Version)

La gestión del cambio organizacional es muy importante La gestión del cambio es uno de los factores de éxito más decisivos para la transformación digital y puede ser muy difícil vender a su equipo ejecutivo o a las principales partes involucradas el concepto de cambio. Gran parte del trabajo que realizamos está en el ámbito […]
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Introduction to Digital Health: How Technology is Transforming Healthcare

The healthcare industry is going through massive changes and much of this evolution is being fueled by both transformation and technology. When working with clients in the healthcare industry, especially post the worldwide pandemic, we've identified these common themes: The pandemic has fueled a lot of change in the healthcare industry. A long-term trend towards […]
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How to Choose the Best ERP Consultants and Software Experts

To be successful in any ERP implementation journey, it's critical to find the best ERP experts that are out on the market today. To help find the answer, it’s important to answer these 2 key questions: Who are those best ERP experts? How do you identify them? When embarking on a digital transformation and the […]
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How to Implement Enterprise Technology (French Translation)

Lorsque vous vous lancez dans la transformation numérique d'un logiciel d'entreprise, il est important de bien comprendre les étapes à suivre pour réussir la mise en œuvre. J'ai rassemblé 7 étapes de mise en œuvre pour aider à former un plan d'action afin de soutenir le processus de transformation. Avant de passer aux étapes, j'aimerais […]
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Top Organizational Change Pain Points

When embarking on a digital transformation, organizations often face a common set of recurring pain points along the way. So, what are those pain points and how can they be avoided during a digital transformation? Oftentimes, it's going a layer deeper than what some of the expected business benefits and improvements might be, but rather […]
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Why Human Resources and HCM Are Key to Digital Transformation

When thinking about what stakeholders are identifying as most important to make a digital transformation successful, it's easy to pinpoint project managers, executive stakeholders, outside consultants, and system integrators. But no want talks about the real unsung heroes in this debate, the employees in human resources. Here are the ways they can help with any […]
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Top Emerging Business Technologies (Italian Translation)

Quando si considerano le potenziali tecnologie di business per la propria organizzazione, ci sono molte opzioni tra cui scegliere. La pletora di tecnologie emergenti può essere impegnativa da navigare e difficile da capire cosa includere nella vostra strategia digitale. Per aiutare a spacchettare questa nuova frontiera, in questo blog offro una panoramica delle principali tecnologie […]
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