My Business Transformation as the Third Stage Intern


I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been very much fun due to a global pandemic. Especially, for a young professional trying to enter the workforce. The year leading up to this point for me anyways, has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. I can imagine I was not the only one going through a hard time with Covid-19 rapidly increasing week-by-week. People losing jobs, forcing them to reevaluate what to do next with so much uncertainty in the future. I never thought I would find myself in this situation, but thankfully I had close family (aka my step-mom) around me to point me in a direction and help me get back on track. It was time to kick-off my business transformation.

Enter Third Stage Consulting….

Third Stage Consulting Group is a company that“specializes in helping clients select, implement, and manage organizational changes related to their ERP software and digital transformation initiatives.” What the what?! I must admit, digital transformation, ERP, HCM, and CRM software were all foreign concepts to me until I started working at this company. Over the course of the first month working here, I got to introduced to the CEO of the company Eric Kimberling, the Marketing Manager Kyler Cheatham, and Paresa Noble who also works in the Marketing department. Learning from these highly respected professionals over the course of the last two months has been super helpful in the career path that I want to take. I have always liked marketing, and to be able to learn the ins and outs of how a company is run from these three has done wonders to my growth in starting my career.

Growing up, I was so immersed into the business of restaurants and retail that when I stepped into the world of digital transformation, it unlocked a whole new world of learning that I never thought I would enjoy as much as I have. Eric, Kyler, and Paresa have taught me what it truly means to work as a team. With weekly meetings going through tasks and how to execute them in an efficient and precise way, the definition of teamwork truly was on display throughout the work week.

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A Day in the Life of a Third Stage Intern

So, you want a play-by-play, in-depth look at what it’s like to work at Third Stage? Do not go anywhere because I am about to tell you what a typical work week looks like. Welcome to my Ted Talk.

Working remotely has its perks, you get to wake up, brew your favorite cup of coffee, and then see what tasks you have for that day. I have learned that its better to get things done sooner rather than later, you don’t want your tasks to start to overlap each other when they don’t need to be. Within these tasks, they can range from:

  • Drafting social media posts,
  • Uploading the most recent podcasts
  • Helping behind the scenes on the Third Stage YouTube channel
  • Measuring analytics

Marketing the information that Third Stage puts out is important to start getting leads in hopes to getting them to turn into clients. The great thing about marketing is that you are not just trying to gain leads but also trying to send out enough content to keep people interested and help them understand a very complex industry.

ERP implementations are one of the most expensive projects an organization can invest in, so using certain marketing tactics like creating blogs, videos, and podcasts to explain different aspects of ERP or Organizational Change Management is an effective way to tell people we are here to help. I’ve also personally learn a lot about different vendors, system integrators, and many more very interesting aspects of this ever-evolving businesses.

Where Will My Transformation Take Me…?

Transformation, what does it mean to you in your life? Well, you can transform in many ways, but due to do the limitations that humans have in the human body, unfortunately, we cannot turn into something like a shapeshifter, (as cool as that sounds) it's best that we leave those type of transformation to our ERP, CRM, and HRM systems. Obviously, the digital transformation industry is rapidly expanding, so I would like to continue my development with this field and hope to land a marketing coordinator role (*cough* are you reading this Eric??!). In all seriousness, ERP and the Digital Transformation world is a space in which I hope to continue to grow and I truly am grateful to all colleagues and partners that have allowed me to learn from them. I believe that what I have learned here at this company, will help me achieve my goals of one day being on a marketing team for a sports team or even being an important member of growing a coffee shop business. Wherever this leads me, I will be ready to go!

Why Third Stage?

My favorite part about working at Third Stage Consulting is that it is not only a team-focused environment with the company but also their dedication to getting their customers and clients to wherever they need to be in their digital transformation roadmap. It is extremely evident how much they care about where small or large businesses are headed, and I have great admiration for that. I have truly enjoyed my time here at Third Stage, and to wherever I end up next, I can thank this company for helping me get there.

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I know if I ever need expert help in my digital transformation, I would look no further then Third Stage, and I would hope you would do the same. Have questions about business transformation? Feel free to contact me.

Eric Kimberling
Eric is known globally as a thought leader in the ERP consulting space. He has helped hundreds of high-profile enterprises worldwide with their technology initiatives, including Nucor Steel, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Kodak, Coors, Boeing, and Duke Energy. He has helped manage ERP implementations and reengineer global supply chains across the world.
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