Every time we work with a new client, I learn something new. To me, there is nothing more valuable than real-life digital transformation and ERP case studies.

There are two recent clients in particular that I have found intriguing. Both are in very different stages of their digital transformation and ERP journeys, but this leads to diverse lessons.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation ERP case study

The first is a US-based entertainment company about to embark on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. It has taken them a while to get the internal buy-in necessary to move forward, so they are now preparing for the implementation. Our job is to help them plan for their implementation readiness, so the company have a strong foundation and plan in place prior to their system integrator arriving at the scene.

This phase of the engagement includes:

  • Validating business processes and requirements
  • Mobilizing the internal team to support the transformation
  • Developing an organizational change management strategy and plan
  • Beginning to build the internal center of excellence to support the software longer-term
  • Establishing project governance, controls, risk mitigation, and quality assurance mechanisms

Learn more about the case study here:

Digital Transformation Strategy and Readiness ERP Case Study

Another example is an Australian client about to embark on a digital transformation. The difference between this and the first case study is that this organization has not begun evaluating ERP systems yet – let alone starting to plan implementation.

The company has very diverse operations. They are primarily a transportation-related company, but they also have commercial real estate holdings, retail, and other varying functions. Finding a single system to do everything will be a big task.

This phase of the project includes:

  • Educate about what to expect from their digital transformation
  • Define the strategic drivers of their transformation
  • Begin to identify internal team members
  • Identify and document business process improvements and requirements
  • Establish a project governance structure and PMO

Learn more about this digital transformation and ERP case study here:

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