How Oracle Cloud ERP Has Helped Transform the Business Landscape

Written By: Michael Huang
Date: May 31, 2019

As you probably know, Oracle Cloud is one of the leading cloud ERP solutions. At the same time, Oracle Cloud ERP is also one of the sleeping giants of the industry.

Since its inception, Oracle Cloud has managed to transform the business landscape by providing both employers and customers alike with a new experience and a new way to handle business. In this blog we’ll explore the different ways that Oracle Cloud has changed the business landscape, and how it has made business an easier task for organizations worldwide.

“Cloud” ERP applications

Oracle’s complete cloud suite has allowed organizations around the world connect with their companywide operations anytime, anywhere, and on phone or computer. Data drives most of the features on each application, so customers can subscribe to a ton of resources such as resource planning, performance management, supply chain management, and human capital management. With businesses worldwide slowly adopting this new form of technology, the business landscape has been transformed into a more efficient setting for organizations to try out new projects.

Upgrading Customer Engagement

The customer has always been the forefront of business goals and targets. Whatever the customer needs or wants, a business will work to provide the necessary materials. Oracle Cloud ERP was not one of the top 5 ranked ERP systems for this year, but plenty of organizations are now using the product ot change their consumer expectations in a good way.

With the ability to personalize and choose the way they interact with vendors through the software like Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud, consumers have found ways to interact with their vendors in a more efficient and customized way. In the past, consumer data was extremely difficult to synchronize and with the introduction of new software such as the Cloud it has become easier to engage with customers around the world.

Facilitating Talent Acquisition

On the employee side, the Cloud has also changed the way companies find and retain the right talent. It’s become increasingly evident that finding talent on a global basis has become harder and harder as time goes by. The benefits of hiring on a global scale have been burdened by the inefficient methods of doing it.

With the introduction of Oracle HCM Cloud it became easier for employees to build a network through a centralized platform. By using this new system, it also became easier to track employees on a global basis and also track their skills, how they’re doing in their job.

The goal was to simplify the process and to drive efficiency as more and more HCM Cloud services appear, acquiring and retaining global talent has never been easier. (For more, see our article summarizing our lessons from over 1,000 HCM implementations).

Pushing forward into the future

Oracle has made it a goal to develop new capabilities in AI and machine learning, implementing AR technology, and making the overall process easier for customers and employers alike. All of these goals will hopefully boost employee productivity as well as maintain customer loyalty and procurement. These things may also contribute to a more successful Oracle Cloud ERP implementation in the future.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been working to make the Internet a safer place for businesses so that their IT departments can run even more ambitious digital transformation experiences for their users. Change is a good thing and with Oracle heavily investing $6.2 billion (as of 2017) into their research and development projects we can be sure to see more innovations that will transform the business landscape down the road.

Michael Huang

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