La importancia de tener una estrategia de negocio centrada en las personas

Desde las dinámicas de servicio al cliente, hasta las culturas internas de la empresa, los primeros años de los 2020 dilataron todo lo que tiene que ver con la estrategia de negocio. Muchas organizaciones se vieron forzadas a transformarse para poder seguir vendiendo sus productos en un mundo digital acelerado. Y es ese ritmo de […]
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The Importance of Having a Human-Centric Business Strategy

Here are the key tactics you can leverage today to further incorporate human connection into your overall business strategy.
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Creativity & Diversity in Digital Transformation

When most people think of digital transformation, they think of computer science and technical experts. However, we believe that creativity and diversity are essential for any digital transformation project to be successful. Here's why: Diversity brings different perspectives and ideas to the table. This is essential for any digital transformation project, as it helps to […]
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Kyler Cheatham
Kyler Cheatham is a digital artist and innovator who is always thinking of new ways to improve the world around her. As the Global Marketing Director at Third Stage Consulting, she uses her creativity and tech-savvyness to help businesses reach their target audiences. Kyler is also a thought leader in the digital marketing space, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others. She is also a mother of two young children, which has given her a unique perspective on balancing work and family life.

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