How to Select the Best Digital Technologies for Your Organization

The software selection process is one of the first steps that can make or break your digital transformation. Thorough software evaluations across a shortlist of options are imperative, and it’s important to understand the overarching capabilities and functionalities of each software before you marry your operations to one system. Being thoughtful during each step of […]
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If ERP Systems Were March Madness Teams

We are well through March, and this year’s NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is off to an interesting start. How is your bracket looking? Positive covid tests knocked some teams out of the tournament before games even started this year. Despite this, the 2021 tournament carried on with sixty-four teams, and this year, like many […]
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Creating Competitive Edge Through Digital Transformation

Consultants and technology vendors refer to the terms “Competitive Differentiation” or “Competitive Edge” as something that comes naturally through any digital enhancement. While you can clean up processes and become more efficient, this does not always mean the same thing as creating true differentiation. In many cases, such as with the replacement or upgrade of […]
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What is Quality Assurance and Why is it Important for your ERP Transformation?

When suggesting the idea of Quality Assurance (QA) to a company going through a digital transformation, we usually get one of three responses: We don’t need it because we have everything under control Our vendor is providing their own QA Ok, what is QA? The last one, fair enough, and happy to educate. For the […]
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Is Your Implementation Failing? Assess with These 3 Steps

How do you really know if your ERP or HCM implementation is headed towards success versus failure? Your vendor is telling you everything is on-track, your users are screaming that the sky is falling, and status reports are inconclusive. To get an initial view of the success (or failure) of your software implementation, consider these […]
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3 Economic Factors Driving 2021 Digital Strategies

We are all excited to head into a new year. 2021 will bring new hope for individuals and families across the world, as well as bring new opportunities across communities, states, regions, and nations. With this positive global momentum, businesses will need to quickly pick up the pieces from 2020 and refresh their business strategies. […]
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If ERP Systems Were NFL Teams!

Seems folks are laying a lot of analogies with their ERP systems these days. Most refer to evil villains, bodily fluids, family members, and sometimes even beer. Speaking of beer, now that we are looking towards Super Bowl LV, let’s take a look at ERP and your favorite (or least favorite) NFL Football teams: Dallas […]
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From Fail to Prevail – How to Rescue a Digital Transformation

First off- you are not alone. Failing in your digital transformation is certainly not ideal, however, with the vast number of transformation failures that have occurred over the years, solid remediation methods have been developed, as well. To start, you should congratulate yourself on completing the first step of recovery. The first step, similar to […]
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If Software Vendors Were Thanksgiving Dinner

The time has come. We have our sweat pants out and we’re ready to go for arguably the best day of the year - Thanksgiving. Although our plans may vary this year due to the restraints COVID has put on our plates, there is one thing that remains the same, the meal. Whether you’re at […]
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How to become a Great Client!

As we roll into Thanksgiving week, I wanted to give thanks to our wonderful clients. Certainly, some are better than others, but all are greatly appreciated! So, what makes a good client? Besides paying their bills on time, the best clients can very easily be identified based on the success of their digital transformation. Those […]
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Managing End-of-Year ERP Software Negotiations

There is a long-standing belief that negotiating your ERP contract at year-end will bring the best possible financial results. Essentially the “Black Friday” of ERP. While there is some truth to this, it is not as simple as calling up your selected vendor in December and asking for a discount. Following are a few pointers […]
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The Value of Evaluating Lesser-Known ERP Software Vendors

Since the dawn of the internet, companies looking for a new ERP software have tended to begin their search by plugging something to the effect of “best ERP for manufacturing”, “ERP for service companies”, “top ERP for small business”, etc. into a search engine. This practice is even more commonplace in recent years. It’s true […]
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