Change Management: The Secret Sauce to ERP and HCM Success

March 24, 2022
Change management is one of the most important - yet overlooked - aspects of a successful ERP, HCM, or digital transformation initiative. This guide provides the things you need to know as you address the human components of your overall program. Download the guide to learn how to make your change initiative successful and position your overall transformation for for success!

Thought Leadership

A Step by Step Guide To Digital Transformation
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There are a number of key steps and sequences of activities that need to happen in a successful Digital Transformation but what exactly are the steps that you should take? That's what we want to talk about in this article.
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What Is Enterprise Asset Management
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Enterprise Asset Management is one of the most important functions required to drive profitability and service for those organizations but what exactly is Enterprise Asset Management? 
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Software Training And User Adoption Strategies
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It's widely understood that software training and user adoption are critical factors to any digital transformation, however, most organizations don't do these functions very well. Why is that and what is it you can do to ensure that you handle software training and user adoption? That's what we want to talk about here today.
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Crucial Digital Transformation Decisions In An Effective Digital Strategy
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When going through a digital transformation, there's many different, highly important decisions that need to be made. This may not sound like rocket science on the surface but so many organizations don't understand what those decisions are and worse yet they either don't make the proper decisions or they delay those decisions to the point where it delays the project. What we want to do today is talk about some of those key decisions. 
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