The Definitive Guide to a Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Digital Transformation

December 28, 2021
This eBook is packed with 31-pages of tips, best practices, and critical success factors for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 digital transformation. Please enter your information below to get immediate access to this invaluable guide.
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Thought Leadership

Steps to an Effective (and Efficient) ERP Software Selection and Procurement Process
One of the primary services we offer our clients is assisting them in purchasing new ERP software. We aid them in evaluating potential choices, defining both a long list and a short list, navigating the RFP process, and ultimately selecting and acquiring the ERP software that best facilitates their digital transformation. However, many organizations are unsure of where to begin. They often find themselves stuck in analysis paralysis, selecting inappropriate software or spending excessive time only to choose unsuitable software. This article aims to provide a structured roadmap for evaluating and selecting the most appropriate software for your organization. 
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Most Important Digital Transformation Activities [Digital Strategy and Implementation Framework]
Many individuals are keen on digital transformation, with a significant number eager to expand their knowledge on the topic and manage a successful transformation. However, the major components of an effective transformation are often not well-understood. In this discussion, I aim to elucidate these critical work streams that are essential for a successful transformation.
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Top Tech Trends and Predictions for Digital Transformations and ERP Implementations in 2024
In guiding clients to formulate their digital strategies and roadmaps, a primary consideration is the current technology trends in the market. As the world undergoes rapid changes, it becomes imperative to understand these shifts. The aim is to delineate a digital strategy and roadmap tailored to an organization's specific needs. This discussion will explore the five most significant trends observed by our team, relevant to organizations undergoing digital transformations in 2024 and the subsequent years.
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How to Define a Future State Operating Model in Digital Transformations and ERP Implementations
When embarking on a digital transformation, establishing an operating model for a future state vision of your organization is vital. This foundational blueprint is analogous to constructing a house. Just as one would not initiate building a house without a comprehensive architectural blueprint, organizations should not start digital transformations without a clear vision. Regrettably, many organizations impulsively begin implementations, erroneously hoping that technology alone will guide their evolution. Instead, the most successful organizations delineate a clear vision and operating model. This model offers direction during the implementation, ensuring adherence to the intended path and realization of the anticipated business value from the digital transformation.
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