The Story Behind Third Stage

After an extensive career as an independent ERP consultant, Eric Kimberling founded Third Stage Consulting with the best of the best ERP consultants and digital transformation experts that he has worked with in his 20-year career.

His “first stage” was founding Panorama Consulting Group, the “second stage” entailed bringing on two business partners, while this “third stage” is intended to launch a new and different consulting firm into the stratosphere.

The term third stage has a number of meanings:


It represents the third stage of a rocket launch, whereby the third-stage rocket detaches from the previous two to further launch to its final height and speed.


It represents the vision of helping clients reach the “third stage” of a successful ERP implementation or digital transformation initiative.


It represents the “third stage” of company maturity, where it is preparing for an IPO or aggressive growth – like many of our clients.


The album Third Stage by the classic rock band Boston initially inspired the company’s name.

Learn more about our clients and the ways we can help you achieve the Third Stage of ERP Software.

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