The Definitive Guide to a Successful SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation

March 24, 2022
Eric Kimberling, renowned thought-leader in the ERP and Digital Transformation space, shares insights into SAP and other large-scale digital transformations. With over 20 years of SAP implementation experience, Eric shares valuable best-practices for handling the complexities of this powerful technology. Whether you are in the midst of an SAP implementation or upgrade or considering a future initiative, this guide will be invaluable to your success.
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Thought Leadership

How to Decide When to Go-Live with Your Digital Transformation [Making the Go/No-Go Decision]
In every digital transformation project we undertake, there is always a question regarding whether or not we should proceed with the go-live phase. Typically, towards the end of a project, there is a milestone called the "Go/No-Go decision." This serves as the final checkpoint to ensure that everything is ready, or at the very least, that we are comfortable with the risk involved in going live. However, there are instances even earlier in a project where it becomes evident that something is amiss, and we are off track. In such cases, the predetermined go-live milestone in our plan may pose too much risk.
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Top 10 Types of Business Software [ERP, Accounting, Supply Chain, CRM, Marketing Automation, etc.]
The beauty of growing a business today lies in the availability of numerous technologies and software that can aid in its expansion. However, it is important to understand the various types of technologies that are at your disposal. This is what I aim to discuss in this article. During our clients' digital transformation journeys, one of the initial questions we often receive is regarding the suitable technology options available in the market. They inquire about the different software types and which one is the best fit for their organization. Ultimately, they want to know which software will enable their business growth most effectively. Today, I would like to discuss the top 10 types of business software that you should consider and understand as part of your digital transformation journey.
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Digital Strategy Dilemma: Choosing Between Software Build vs. Buy In Digital Transformation
When guiding clients through their digital strategies and transformation journeys, one of the initial questions that arises is whether to build or buy software. Before delving into the discussion, I would like to acknowledge that most individuals hold strong opinions on this matter, particularly those with extensive industry experience. For instance, those working for software vendors tend to lean towards the buy option, while individuals employed by custom development shops or developers themselves often favor the build option due to their areas of expertise. However, it is important to transcend these biases and objectively examine the two distinct paths available in the digital transformation journey.
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Why Defining "Why" is Key to Digital Transformation and ERP Implementation Success
In the realm of digital transformation, I believe we can learn from our childhood curiosity. We should embrace the habit of asking questions, challenging the status quo, and questioning the current practices. For example, we should question why we are conducting projects in a certain way, why we rely on external vendors to dictate our project execution, or why we tend to mismanage project scopes. Today, I will discuss the importance of asking these "why" questions and identifying the areas that require such inquiries.
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