Digital transformations and ERP implementations can be challenging for companies of any size or geography. But these challenges are magnified for global organizations. This requires effective organizational change strategies for global digital transformations.

Multi-national companies that are going through a SAP S/4HANA implementation, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Cloud ERP, or any other ERP initiative are likely to experience more organizational change management challenges than the typical organization. Risks related to the “people” side of the equation is much greater.

There are a number of things that further complicate global digital transformations from a people perspective, such as:

  • Different business processes across different geographies and business units, which may be difficult to standardize
  • Different cultures in different countries, which requires a flexible and customized organizational change strategy
  • Complex political dynamics of multi-national organizations, which requires strong stakeholder management
  • Different priorities, motivators, and sources of resistance
  • Organizational structures, hierarchies, and job descriptions that are likely to change across a diverse group of employees

Your organizational change management strategy and plan needs to scale and adapt to the complexities of your global digital transformation. Below is a webinar video outlining tips to address organizational change strategy for your global initiative:

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