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October 26, 2023

Podcast Ep149: 2024: In Demand Tech Skills & Top Tech Trends, Collapse in Digital Transformation

The Transformation Ground Control podcast covers a number of topics important to digital and business transformation. This episode covers the following topics and interviews:
1. Most In Demand Tech Skills for 2024, Q&A (Kyler Cheatham, Third Stage Consulting)
2. Top Tech Trends for 2024 (Kyler Cheatham, Third Stage Consulting)
3. How to Prevent Collapse in Digital Transformation (Kyler Cheatham & Adam Cheatham, Third Stage Consulting)

We also cover a number of other relevant topics related to digital and business transformation throughout the show.
This weekly podcast series premiers live on YouTube every Wednesday at 8am New York/1pm London/9pm Hong Kong. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Pandora, or your favorite podcast platform.

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