How to Bridge the Gap in Technology After a Merger

December 28, 2021
An international manufacturing company was experiencing silos as a result of the various mergers and acquisitions they had evolved through. There was disconnect amongst their international offices, and they were experiencing bottlenecks in communication and information sharing that inhibited collaboration across the organization.

Here's what happened next:

They hired Third Stage Consulting to help them optimize their digital strategy and ultimately implement a new ERP system that would solve their problems. Our consultants performed a thorough organizational assessment to evaluate their processes, company culture, and their current technological landscape.

After garnering a holistic understanding of their needs, we created a timeline and a roadmap to help them through a digital transformation that would fill the gaps across their organization. We went beyond a simple software recommendation and advised the removal of unnecessary systems, helped them integrate necessary systems, and provided proven organizational change management tactics to help their employees across the world adopt the new software with ease.

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