What To Do Before Beginning Your SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Once you have selected your SAP system integrator, it’s easy to get steamrolled into letting the army of consultants show up on site, start the meter running, and just start doing stuff. Despite pressure you may feel from Deloitte, Accenture, Capgemini, or most other integrators, this is a terrible idea that goes against your best […]
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The Trojan Horse Approach to Organizational Change Management

I recently wrote about how organizational change management is dead. The premise of this article is that traditional change efforts, frameworks, and approaches fail time and time again, so something needs to change if we are going to be more effective at managing change. These failed change efforts are creating a vicious circle of continuous […]
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Your Business Blueprint Should Dictate Your SAP S/4HANA Implementation – Not the Other Way Around

At the moment, our team is helping about half a dozen larger organizations manage their SAP S/4HANA implementations. The biggest lesson so far? Your business needs should dictate how S/4HANA gets deployed – not the other way around. Myths and propaganda from SAP S/4HANA system integrators If you talk to a sales rep from SAP […]
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Risks of Microsoft Dynamics 365 System Integrators

Choosing a technical system integrator is an important decision for any digital transformation. But the risks of Microsoft Dynamics 365 system integrators are even greater than for other ERP solutions. While SAP, Oracle, and other ERP vendors have tightly controlled their ecosystems, Microsoft Dynamics has traditionally taken a hands-off approach to their system integrators. This […]
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How to Avoid Losing Control of Your SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Over the last 20 years, I have seen plenty of organizations lose control of their SAP implementations. These projects tend to be bigger and more complex than many organizations can handle, which is why there are so many SAP failures like those at Lidl, National Grid, Haribo, and other publicized challenges in recent years. Common […]
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Determining Your ERP Total Cost of Ownership

One of the first questions we are asked when discussing an ERP initiative with a new client is “how much is this whole thing going to cost us.” The easy and accurate answer is: “we have no idea at this time.” Unfortunately, executive committees and board members generally won’t accept this answer and need to […]
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Money Talks: How Economic Incentives Bias Digital Transformations

As AC/DC once said: “come on, come on, listen to the money talk.” Nowhere is this truer than in the digital transformation space. Money drives so much of what does or doesn’t happen in our industry. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always align with the long-term interests of those most impacted by technology: the companies using it. […]
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My Name Is Eric, and I Am a Recovering Big 5 SAP Consultant

My first job when I graduated with my master’s degree was with one of the big system integrators. I was a Big 5 SAP consultant focused primarily on organizational change management at some very large, multi-national organizations. Though colleagues and I have written about being Accentured and the dark side of the digital transformation, I […]
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The Unsung Heroes of Digital Transformation

When we think about SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or digital transformation success, we often focus on the system integrator. But the potential unsung heroes of your successful digital transformation are sitting right within your four walls. Don’t get me wrong: choosing the right SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics system integrator is an important decision. But your […]
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How to Negotiate an SAP S/4HANA Contract

It’s not every day that most of us negotiate multi-million-dollar contracts with significant cost implications for the future. When we do, it’s important to get it right. Before embarking on an SAP transformation or bringing SAP S/4HANA consultants on to your team, it is important to understand how to negotiate an SAP S/4HANA contract. We […]
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How to Get Your SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics System Integrator Under Control!

We recently posted an article about the many companies we have seen get “Accentured” over the years. The article created quite a stir, a slew of comments, and great discussion. What it Means to be “Accentured” The premise of the article is that big system integrators are masters of selling, keeping an army of consultants […]
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Organizational Change Management Is Dead

I have been afraid to admit this, but I think I have known it for a while: organizational change management is dead. This is particularly hard to admit since I grew up in the consulting world as an organizational change management consultant. After 20 years of doing something I love, it is becoming painfully clear […]
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