The Third Stage of ERP Software and Digital Transformation

There are three distinct stages of an ERP software project or digital transformation. Unfortunately, most don’t ever reach the third and final stage of success. Much like a space rocket launch, the first two stages are important to get to the third, but optimal heights and speed aren’t possible until the third stage launch of the fastest and last-remaining rocket. The third stage booster can’t be bogged down by the inefficiencies and dead weight.

Those that reach the Third Stage of ERP and Digital Transformation don’t do so because of luck. They do because they’ve leveraged the “secret sauce” required for a successful implementation and transformation. They have figured out how to launch their initiatives to greater heights and success.


First Stage
Project inception. Software is selected and an implementation begins.


Second Stage
The implementation is completed – but usually just for a fraction of the expected technical functionality, scope, and benefits.


Third Stage
A full digital and business transformation is complete. Full technical capabilities are realized, business processes are optimized, and the organization is aligned with the future-state. Most importantly, business benefits and a positive return on investment are realized.

Softward & Digital Transformation Best Practices

These best practices apply to digital transformations of all types, including:
Software Implementations
ERP software implementations, including SAP S4/HANA, Oracle Cloud ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and a range of other systems
HCM Deployments
HCM system deployments, such as SAP Success Factors
CRM Systems
CRM software initiatives, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Advisory & Technology
Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
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