How to Select and Manage Your ERP Systems Integrator

March 24, 2022
Download this complementary guide to learn how to take control of your ERP implementation and increase your chances of digital transformation success! This guide is relevant whether you are implementing SAP S/4HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft D365, or any other leading ERP system.
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Thought Leadership

How to Realize the ROI in Digital Transformation Technologies
Organizations are notorious for spending a lot of time and money on digital transformations, but they often fail to spend the last little bit at the end of a project to ensure that they get the full ROI or return on investment of their digital transformation. But how exactly do we ensure that we optimize the value of our investments in digital technologies?
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Digital Strategies for Microsoft Great Plains Sunset End of Life
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Microsoft recently announced that Great Plains will no longer be supported after 2028. Many organizations are now asking, "What do we do now? How do we move to the next technology that we're going to deploy as an organization?" So, what exactly do you need to do and know about the Great Plains end-of-life and your future path forward?
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Change Management Strategies for Agile Digital Transformations
Agile is a significant buzzword in the digital transformation space. Software developers are using agile as a means of developing better software, and even software implementation teams are employing agile to deploy technology faster. Change management teams are also incorporating agile concepts into their strategies and approaches. However, while agile is appealing to organizations, it is not always the best approach for change management initiatives. Therefore, today I want to discuss the pros and cons of agile. I will begin by explaining what agile is and whether it is suitable for your change initiative.
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Project Management vs. Program Management: What is the Difference in Digital Transformation?
When embarking on a digital transformation, we oftentimes focus on project management, which is a really important part of the process. However, project management is quite different from program management: effective program management is the key to success for a successful digital transformation. So, what exactly is the difference between program and project management?  Organizations going through digital transformations typically focus on project management first: how do we get the right manager, ensure the right plan, and allocate resources? However, it is important not to miss out on the bigger picture of an overall program. Program management becomes even more critical in these cases.  So, what I want to do today is talk about the difference between project management and program management. I will unpack these differences so that you can define a digital strategy that encompasses both, ensuring your success in your digital transformation journey
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