2021 Digital Transformation Report

March 24, 2022
Read our latest study of benchmark data, findings, systems rankings, and other lessons from ERP, HCM, CRM, and supply chain transformations across the globe.

Thought Leadership

Crucial Digital Transformation Decisions In An Effective Digital Strategy
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When going through a digital transformation, there's many different, highly important decisions that need to be made. This may not sound like rocket science on the surface but so many organizations don't understand what those decisions are and worse yet they either don't make the proper decisions or they delay those decisions to the point where it delays the project. What we want to do today is talk about some of those key decisions. 
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The First (and Most Important) Step to Digital Transformation Success
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There's an underlying reason why so many projects fail. Most projects fail in the very early weeks and months of a transformation. The very first step that you should be taking in a digital transformation is the most important for success but most project teams overlook this first step and that's what i want to unpack here today.
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What is a Data Lake vs a Data Warehouse
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Data is one of the most important assets that an organization utilizes and manages but data is only useful if you can properly make use of that data. One of the key ways that organizations can make better use and add value to their data is through data warehousing.
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Things that Digital Transformation Teams Need to Stop Doing Now
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To start, it helps to understand a concept that's been well researched, which is called action bias. Action bias essentially states that humans have a tendency to want to take action even if it results in something less beneficial than if you just would have done nothing. A good example would be if you've ever been in the supermarket and you try to find the line that's moving the fastest and you move out of your current line to go to a seemingly faster queue, oftentimes you find that you didn't get to the front any faster. In some cases, you were actually set back.
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