How to Find the Best ERP Software Experts for Your Digital Transformation

During a digital transformation process and ERP implementation, it is inevitable that external third-party support will be required. However, selecting the best ERP experts to guide you through this process can be challenging. While many ERP specialists excel in their field, some may exhibit bias, prioritizing the deployment of technology over aligning with your specific business objectives. This discussion aims to address the factors you should consider and evaluate when choosing potential third-party ERP experts.
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What is Lean Six Sigma? [And What It Means For Digital Transformation]

Two decades ago, Lean Six Sigma was prevalent. Many organizations, especially those in the manufacturing sector, prioritized Lean Six Sigma. It was essential to employ staff that would adhere to Six Sigma methodologies. However, over the years, the prominence of Six Sigma has diminished as new buzzwords and trends have emerged, overshadowing its significance. This article will address two primary topics: first, the definition of Lean Six Sigma, and secondly, how Lean Six Sigma can enhance the effectiveness of a digital transformation.
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¿Su transformación digital implicará un ERP o un 'best of breed'?

Abundan los artículos sobre el fracaso del ERP y muchos ofrecen consejos útiles para evitarlo. Elegir el equipo adecuado, redactar un buen pliego de condiciones y realizar las pruebas adecuadas antes de la puesta en marcha son algunas de las muchas cosas que se comentan. Pero este artículo considera algo ligeramente diferente, y es que el proceso de selección del sistema puede dar lugar a que se elija el tipo de sistema equivocado. Es cierto que hay pocos sistemas realmente malos, pero no todos son adecuados para todas las empresas y, aunque una empresa no seleccione uno malo, a
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